About Us

The production of paints, plasters and primers

BIOCHIM is a leading coatings company and a major producer of water based paints, plasters,  varnishes and primers, under a varous trade marks, with official own production dating back to 2010. The installation is built by the Polish company “Profarb”, offers a flexible and dynamic project, in line with the interests of the company. Thus, entirely with our own capital, we have managed to put to use the production equipment with the tendency for expansion. The expansion of our production capacities has been set forth at the very beginning of installation development. Thus, we are able to quickly meet market requirements upon potential demand increase. For a successful production expansion, other factors are important as well, such as the optimized storage and export – long production series.

The new formulas and improvements

Improvements are being done all the time. We at BIOCHIM constantly research the raw material manufacturers and the compatibility of their products with our high quality water disperse systems. Thus, we guarantee the best price-quality ratio.

How the lab facilitates production

All of our products are the result of the research and development activity of the specialists in the lab. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we constantly monitor the product quality. The main emphasis is on the production and development, the upgrading of the products, the consideration of the current tendencies.

The feeling that the company stands behind the products

The products are, in their entirety, a continuous system, where the control of the company’s strong invisible hand is felt.

Indirect reminder of a good price

The price is the first indicator for the quality of a certain product. A good product at the best price, that is what BIOCHIM produces. An indirect reminder of the price is achieved using the commercial teams, operating the market with the power of the brand, as well as by having our products present in all large chain stores. This is a proof of quality product at an excellent price.

Budget solutions

The budget solutions are again taken in accordance with products coordination, working within a single system, which results in low expense costs, optimal ratio between components and a good price.

Working with clients – delivery, expert advice, consultations

The expert assistance from specialists at BIOCHIM is part of the product marketing. Offering assistance regarding the products intended purposes and possible issues in their use, the compatibility of different primers and systems.


Every client is obliged to read through the validity and guarantee terms and conditions, and with the rules for systems construction, and with the conditions for setting guarantee responsibility into motion. In case the guarantee responsibility conditions have been observed and the claims have been verified, the management of the company shall decide on how to reimburse the CLIENT. One of the things that makes the company stand out and that contributes to its strong positions is the rapid delivery performance – from keeping up the tightest deadlines of any order, through production, to delivery for the client.