BH Premium

professional interior latex paint with incredibly uniform surface structure with silky tough, for resistant to wearing and ageing painting

BH PREMIUM is a professional latex paint with well-expressed, extremely fine and uniform structure with a silky touch of the color. It possesses extremely high covering ability and wear resistance, which makes it suitable for dwellings, public buildings, hotels, shopping malls and others.

It is resistant to wet cleaning and allows for easy maintenance of the painted surface – removing stains and pollutions from the walls only with water or an ordinary cleaning detergent.

BH PREMIUM is resistant to aging, does not turn yellow and does not change color. It holds excellent adhesion to the base and long lasting colors over time. It does not seal the wall completely and allows its “breathing”. It is applied easily and evenly without dripping and straining. It is applicable on many types of bases, such as concrete, gypsum and lime-cement plasters and mortars, gypsum boards, fiberboards, PVC and many others. It is suitable for application on strong wall and ceiling coverings of old water dispersion paints.

BH PREMIUM is offered ready-to-use, colored in advance in a various range of colors.