BH Active Snow-white

high quality latex with extra whiteness and excellent coating for exceptionally uniform painting indoors in silky soft color

BH ACTIVE SNOW-WHITE is high quality water dispersion interior paint with shiny snow whiteness. It achieves uniform structure with silky soft tenderness. It is used for interior painting of walls and ceilings. It provides for the perfect white color for the home. The desired result will always be attained through its excellent coating and tender structure. It is applicable on bases, as cement, gypsum plasters and putties, gypsum board and lots of others. It is appropriate for placement over solid coatings of walls and ceilings of old water dispersion paints.

It does not seal the wall completely and allows for its “breathing”. It is resistant and allows for easy removal and cleaning of stains and dirt of the painted surface solely with humidified cloth.

BH ACTIVE SNOW-WHITE is distinguished for high coating and low consumption rate. It is resistant to ageing and does not change its color. It has excellent adhesion to the base. It is applied smoothly and uniformly without dripping and flowing down.