BH Active Protect

professional latex for humid premises resistant to humid friction, with high coverage for exceptional uniform painting with matt effect of velvet

BH ACTIVE PROTECT is high quality professional paint for humid and wet premises, as well as for premises which are not well-ventilated and there is a risk of sweat and mould formation. The paint is with uniform structure and lasting matt effect of velvet. It is applicable on bases as concrete, gypsum and cement-lime plasters and putties, gypsum board and lots of others. It is appropriate for application onto solid coatings of walls and ceilings of old water dispersion paints.

It is resistant to humid cleaning and allows for the easy removal of stains and dirt from the painted surface only with humidified cloth, which makes it particularly appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms, larders, washing and cellar premises, public buildings and premises with high hygienic requirements. The special formula of the paint makes it form a strong water resistant layer, preventing mould and fungi formation. It does not seal the wall completely and allows for its “breathing”.

BH ACTIVE PROTECT is distinguished for high coating and low consumption rate. It is resistant to ageing and does not change its color. It has excellent adhesion to the base and high durability of the colors. It is placed smoothly and uniformly without dripping and flowing down.