Interior Paints

Interior water dispersion paints.

The paints are an excellent solution for:
  • Giving a finished look to newly built walls and ceilings.
  • High quality change of the old paint in case of retrofitting works.
  • Creating a cozy and healthy atmosphere in children’s rooms, as well as in rooms with special sanitary requirements.
  • High quality paint and time-resistant appearance.
Offering professional solutions with BH Premium High Performance
  • For bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, closets, pools, etc., use BH Premium High Performance for wet rooms;
  • For children’s rooms, for rooms, intended for large crowds, hospitals, restaurants, laboratories, etc., use BH Premium High Performance biocide latex.
  • For perfect paining and insulation works on walls and ceilings in closed spaces with special coverage requirement and wet rubbing – public buildings, hotels, trade centers, use BH Premium High Performance.
Offering semi-professional solutions with BH Active
  • For new painting and walls/ceilings retrofitting works in enclosed spaces, a suitable product would be BH Active, providing snow-like whiteness with silky structure, high coverage rate and low application rates.
  • For wet rooms use BH Active Protect.
Offering budget solutions with BH Easy
  • For a money-saving walls/ceiling painting in enclosed spaces – BH Easy.
  • For matt surfaces.
  • Good coverage and low application rates.
  • Breathable paint.
  • Good performance on all types of bases.
  • Resistant to dry wiping.
  • Smooth and evenly distributed application, with low application rate.
  • High colour longevity.
  • Does not become yellow over time, no smell.