BH Silicone – Silicone Plaster

BH SILICONE is ready to use, pasty thin layer plaster, based on silicone resins. It is intended for the creation of protective decorative coats with dragged or scratched structure onto old and new mineral bases (cement, cement plasters and coatings, sectional concrete elements, heat insulation panels, gypsum coating, gypsum board, drywalls, etc).

The plaster is defined by extremely high elasticity, very high porosity, allowing for the so called “breathing” of the facade. It provides high degree of colour stability and easy cleaning of the facade. The high humid resistance of the coating made with that plaster makes it suitable for areas of high humidity, as well as for regions with high sea salts content in the air.

The silicone plaster is also suitable as a finishing coat for facades of buildings, located near busy city streets, crossroads, etc. The surface of this plaster is extremely resistant to acid rains and sediments from the polluted air that does not react with the plaster. The plaster’s very high resistance to mechanical interference makes it suitable for open areas, where there is a possibility for hailstorm, as well as for places intended for large crowds of people. The plaster is very hydrophobic and extremely resistant to biological factors – mould, must, fungus, etc, which makes it ideal for application on north or shady facades.

BH SILICONE is used as a finishing coat for heat insulation integrated systems and is suitable for both newly built buildings and for older ones as well – in case of retrofitting works or upgrading of their heat insulation or facade.