BH Polymer – Polymer Plaster

BH POLYMER is ready to use, pasty thin layer plaster, based on acrylic resins, modified with silicone resins. It is intended for the creation of protective decorative coats with dragged or scratched structure onto old and new mineral bases (cement, cement plasters and coatings, sectional concrete elements, heat insulation panels, gypsum coating, gypsum board, drywalls, etc). Very suitable for application over heat insulation systems. The plaster is of high elasticity, low absorbent properties, good cohesion with the surface and resistance to mechanical damages. Upon application, the plaster is sensitive towards atmospheric conditions.

BH POLYMER is used as finishing coating in heat insulation integrated systems and is suitable for both newly built buildings and for older ones as well – in case of retrofitting works or upgrading of their heat insulation or facade.