Finishing Renders


Ready-for-use, pasty plasters that open numerous possibilities for facade finishing works regarding structure and colour. Depending on the type of the requirements and the application, one can choose different products from a wide range of possibilities.

  • The products are offered in 5 structures – for obtaining protective and decorative finishes with dragged, scratched or antique structure onto old and new mineral bases (cement, cement plasters and coatings, sectional concrete elements, heat insulating panels, gypsum coating, gypsum board, drywalls, etc.).
  • Dirt and UV-resistant
  • Easy application and structuring
  • Excellent colour longevity
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Highly humid-resistance coating
  • Protection against fungus, mould and bacteria
  • Highly “breathable” and water-repellent
  • Highly elastic and crack-resistant
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric conditions and mechanical stress

Scratched 2mm


Scratched 1,5 mm


Scratched 1,2 mm


Dragged 2 mm


Antique 0,8 mm