Facade Paints

The paints are an excellent solution because they are balances and specially designed acrylic systems that ensure colour longevity, do not become yellow over time and do not change colour. Porous, resistant to washing with a damp sponge. They offer good coverage and low application rates, evenly distributed structure. Extremely high wear and tear resistance (class 2), for mechanically stressed interior surface, very easy to maintain and clean. They allow the wall the “breathe”, they do not drip, do not splatter, do not drip. Ecologically safe and emissions free, without dissolving agents or softeners. Excellent adhesion to the base – the paints are applicable on bases of concrete, gypsum, lime-cement plasters and coatings, gypsum board, drywalls, PVC and many others. Suitable for application onto preserved coatings on walls and ceilings, previously covered by water disperse paints. The paints do not allow for condensation and humidity.